5 LTR Blow Moulding Machine

5 LTR Blow Molding Machine in India

Sumitek Natraj Manufacture huge rage of 5LTR Blow Moulding Machine. This machine is equipped with unique mould quality and simple operating system to meet the exacting standards of the various industries. The offered range of 5LTR Blow Moulding Machine combines technology with user friendly features, making it the perfect choice to produce high quality 5LTR containers with ease. This 5LTR Blow Moulding Machines are used in various industries such as beverages, medical, chemicals and many others. Automation is at the core of our 5 LTR Blow Moulding Machine, streamlining the production process from material feeding to finished product ejection. This automated operation not only increases throughput but also ensures uniform product quality, meeting strict industry standards and customer expectations. The machine's precise control systems contribute to reliable and consistent output, enhancing product appeal and market competitiveness.


Specification of 5 LTR Blow Molding Machine

Machine Type Fully Automatic
Capacity 5 LTR
Brand Sumitek Natraj
Production Output Up to 3000 bottles per hour
Parison Control Accurate Parison Control
Energy Consumption Energy-efficient design with power-saving modes
Materials Handled HDPE, PET, PP, etc.
Safety Features Emergency Stop Button, Overload Protection, Safety Interlocks
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