50 LTR Blow Moulding Machine

50 LTR Blow Molding Machine in India

We are leading manufacturer of 50LTR Blow Moulding Machine from India. With its versatile design, the 50 LTR Blow Moulding Machine can handle a variety of materials, such as HDPE, PET, PP, and more. This flexibility enables companies to meet a wide range of product needs while upholding the highest standards of quality. This machine achieves consistent outcomes with low variance and precision, whether it is handling liquid storage containers, agricultural products, or industrial chemicals.

Our machine's effective design, which prioritizes cost-effectiveness and productivity, is one of its main advantages. Precise temperature control is ensured by the sophisticated heating system, which optimizes the molding process for better product quality. The structural integrity of the moulded goods is improved by the steady and consistent clamping force provided by the hydraulic or pneumatic clamping system.

Our 50 LTR Blow Moulding Machine is primarily automated, which expedites the production process from material feeding to final product ejection. In addition to boosting throughput, this automated process guarantees consistent product quality, satisfying both client and industry requirements. The machine’s precise control systems improve product attractiveness and keenness in the market by safeguarding dependable and consistent output.

Specifications of 50 LTR Blow Molding Machine

Machine Type Fully Automatic
Capacity 5 LTR
Brand Sumitek Natraj
Production Output Up to 5000 bottles per hour
Parison Control Accurate Parison Control
Energy Consumption Energy-efficient design with power-saving modes
Materials Handled HDPE, PET, PP, etc.
Safety Features Emergency Stop Button, Overload Protection, Safety Interlocks
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