Accumulator Parison Type Blow Molding Machine

Accumulator Parison Type Blow Molding Machine in India

Sumitek Natraj is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of a wide range of Accumulator Parison Type Blow Molding Machine in India. This type of blow molding machine is a highly advanced plastic processing equipment utilized in the manufacturing of plastic containers, spare parts, components, etc. This machine functions by extruding plastic pellets after which they are inflated and given shape by applying air pressure. In comparison with various other types of blow molding machines, this type of machine provides exceptional advantages and features. This machine finds its application in a wide range of industrial areas, it can be utilized in manufacturing plastic containers and components, especially in producing large-sized and sophisticated plastic products.

These machines comprise one to more equipment that store and manage the processed plastic during various procedures with heating, extrusion, and blowing procedures. After the required quantity of molten plastic is stored in the containers, this blow molding machine applies air pressure which creates a cavity in the machine. The range of Accumulator Parison Type Blow Molding Machines offered by us is utilized in producing packaging containers for food & beverages, industrial buckets, automotive components, chemical containers, and many more as per the diverse industrial requirements. Because of its increased versatility and customizable features, manufactured plastic products are designed and developed as per the client’s specific requirements. The amazing quality and low pricing have made us the leading Plastic Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer in India.

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This offered accumulator parison type blow molding machine can be utilized for manufacturing various types of products, which are as follows:


Water bottles




Water Tanks


Air ducts and automotive components


Open top Drums


L-Ring Drums


Storage vessels






Table-tops and chairs


Jerry cans


Customised plastic products as per the design requirement of the clients

Advantages of accumulator parison type blow molding machine

All our offered range of blow molding machines have various advantages which are as mentioned below:

  • High production rate
  • Wide range of selection
  • Comparatively low production cost
  • High possibility of forming handles
  • Relatively low price range
  • Highly versatile for a wide range of product volumes, shapes and sizes
  • Possibility of multilayer extrusion
  • Highly advanced control system
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