Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine

Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine in India

Sumitek Natraj is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a wide range of Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine that are extensively utilized in various industrial units. As technology advances, we strive to build this offered range of blow molding machines with highly advanced features and innovative structures, which offer improved precision, increased efficiency, and decreased effect on the environment, which ultimately contributes to sustainable plastic manufacturing. The importance of Auto-Deflashing Blow Molding Machines turns around extruding plastic, forming it in a mould, and creates resonating plastic items. This machine acts as a versatile manufacturing equipment and caters to an extensive assortment of manufacturing industries that manufacture finished products that are essential for consumers in their everyday lives.

Our offered Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine is designed and developed to reduce the need for additional deflashing activities, which will save a huge amount of time and reduce the wastage of resources in the production cycle. It has a highly advanced automation feature, which ensures continuous and uninterrupted operation while delivering high-quality finished products. Well-designed with modernization and accuracy, this solution symbolizes the peak of quality and efficiency and offers a continuous and computerized resolution for blow molding developments. Moreover, being a pre-eminent blow molding machine manufacturers, we proudly introduce our wide range of highly advanced Auto-Deflashing Blow Molding Machines, which is a technical phenomenon that transforms the plastic manufacturing industry.

Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine in India auto



Food Packaging Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry


FMCG Industries


Cosmetic Manufacturing Industry


Household Production


Pesticide Manufacturing




Edible Oil Manufacturing

Salient Features of Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine

  • Auto Lubrication
  • Sturdy Construction
  • FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) for Pneumatic
  • Highly increased performance
  • Positioning Hole for Quick Mould Change
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Linear Transducer

Advantages of Auto Deflashing Type Blow Molding Machine

These blow molding machines are energy-efficient and ecologically friendly and have various other advantages to meet the changing market demands, these are as mentioned below:

  • The usage of servo motors and drives can save energy efficiently, thus, reducing energy consumption.
  • Your industrial unit will be clean and easy to maintain, as there are no oil leakage issues.
  • As servo motors are used, there is low to no noise produced by hydraulic pumps.
  • It ensures to provide quicker functioning, enhanced efficiency, and effective control.
  • It is highly appropriate for high-speed operation and huge-volume extrusion blow molding performance.
  • It has completely closed-loop management, a highly accurate encoder, and high recurrence positioning precision, and it is appropriate for the manufacturing of extremely precise end products.
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