Electric Blow Molding Machine

Electric Blow Molding Machine in India

We manufacture, supply, and export a wide range of Electric Blow Molding Machine that are widely utilized in the production of all kinds of hollow plastic containers for foods, toys, water bottles, milk bottles, medical bottles, oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, lubricant bottles, beverages, medicines, chemical products, pesticides & detergents, plastic balls, and various other plastic containers. This offered electric blow moulding machines also known as fully automatic electrical blow moulding machines which is a type of industrial system widely utilized in the manufacturing industry to create generally hollow plastic products through the effective blow molding process.

This is different from the conventional blow molding machines that are operated with hydraulic systems, this Electric Blow Molding Machine uses electric power for all the functions of this machine, which includes the extrusion of plastic, the stretching of the object, and the blowing of the mould to create the required shape. Our team of professionals always tries to make the blow molding process at your unit simple & efficient for manufacturing complex, complicated hollow shapes easily that are lightweight and have exceptional toughness. Moreover, we being the most renowned Plastic Blow Molding Machine Exporters globally ensure to provide a cost-effective solution for increased performance and a relatively low-priced solution for your industry.

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These machines are utilized in various industrial applications which are as mentioned below :


Cosmetics Industries


Automobile Industries




Irrigation Solution


Toys Manufacturing






Household Items Manufacturing

Advantages of Electric Blow Molding Machine

The benefits of purchasing our electric blow molding machine are as follows:

  • Electric blow molding machines are highly energy efficient and relatively consume less energy than conventional hydraulic blow molding machines.
  • As this machine consumes less energy, it cuts down the expenses and also reduces the environmental impact.
  • These electric blow molding machines create less noise as compared to traditional hydraulic machines, which creates a quiet working atmosphere.
  • This type of low-molding machine offers increased speed in the production cycle, which ensures improved productivity.
  • The servo motors in the machine have accurate and efficient control over various functions, which results in consistent production reducing the wastage of materials and higher product quality.
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